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What is Red Asterix?

Red Asterix works with educational developers, teaching practitioners, eLearning designers and businesses to develop web applications that support good learning design and best web practice.

With educational institutions requiring eLearning solutions for delivering subjects and courses in online learning environments, Red Asterix provides web-based experiences built on sound pedagogy and learning design principles.


Why Use Red Asterix?

At Red Asterix, building web applications that are responsive is an important feature of our service, meaning projects are designed to work across all devices, browsers and platforms, optimising the experience and participation for all users.

Web accessibility is also an important part of how web applications are structured and designed as a way to give your users the best possible experience when it comes to navigation, design, behaviour and content. Web accessibility is not just about enabling equal access for people with disabilities, it is about providing a universal web experience for all users, irrespective of learning needs and preferences.



What do we mean by web application?

Web application is a term that applies to online applications or programs designed for end users. Web applications utilise technology for delivering engaging, interactive, dynamic and responsive content.

A web application can take varied forms, including:

  • a website
  • an app
  • an eLearning resource
  • an eBook

Red Asterix provides services for the development of web applications that can be used to enhance the learning experience through user experience design, web compliance and user testing. By providing good web practice such as transcriptions and captions, you can ensure your project meets web and institutional standards for delivering online content.


Responsive web sites that meet WCAG 2.0 AA standards.

Web sites do not need to be a product for desktop only. A web site can function for desktop and still be adaptive and mobile ready. This can give you the opportunity to broaden the scope of your project and deliver learning solutions within a single framework.


Optimise the user experience with a standalone, self-contained app.

Provide innovative, mobile ready solutions that serve a need or purpose. Apps can be a great way to deliver content that suits mobile formats.

eLearning Resources

Interactive and engaging learning resources that support student-centred learning.

Learning resources delivered in online environments, also referred to as learning objects, are "digital resources that can be reused to support learning"1 within larger subject modules.


Digital books are more than text on screen.

Digital books, or eBooks, have steadily advanced with technology and the ePub3 format now supports interactivity. This means that content, once static, does not need to be passive and can be a more engaging experience for the learner. eBooks can be created platform dependent or cross-platform, depending on your needs.

Media Alternatives

Alternative formats to support multimedia delivery.

Providing multimedia solutions such as video is a great way to enhance the learning experience, however it is also important to consider alternative formats such as transcripts and captions. This is a great way to be inclusive of varied cognitive and learning styles as well as ensuring your media content is accessible to all users.

Web Accessibility Auditing

Supporting best practice by meeting web accessibility standards.

Government-based institutions tend to have web policy on compliance with WCAG 2.0 AA standards. While this may seem daunting, web accessibility auditing is available to help you identify problem areas of your site and even help you to fix them.

1 Wiley, D. A. (2000). Connecting learning objects to instructional design theory: A definition, a metaphor, and a taxonomy. In D. A. Wiley (Ed.), The Instructional Use of Learning Objects: Online Version. Retrieved August 14, 2011 from the World Wide Web:


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